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Klaus Guingand statement

For the attention of the seven billion humans

I have created "Art warning the world" my global artwork to defend Freedom with the participation of 200 visual artists living in 200 world's countries. These artists have  participated  in my artwork to warn humanity that we have never been so close that freedom is disappear.


"Art warning the world" it's 200 countries, 201 artists, 201 flags, 201 videos, 201 photos and a warning translates into 137 National languages.


Together these 200 artworks are a masterpiece of art engaged.


For a long time, I have been convinced that the word freedom will disappear from the dictionaries, which is why I have invited 200 artists to join me in my work in order to warn humanity of the risks it runs if it does not react in time. Each of these artists lives in his own country. Each artist has translated my warning into his or her national language:  “When the word freedom ceases to appear in our dictionaries ,it will be too late to react."


Each artist then scored this warning on its national flag and also made a one-minute video and a picture. 


We are the sentries of the world, this work is a warning to humanity. With these artists I have acted in the interest of humanity, my aim is to warn you. Each of these artists viscerally loves his country, his history, his people and his cultures.


This artwork embodies the true humanism and proves that a global fraternity is possible.  Art is sometimes prophetic but I wish that the prophecy of "Art warning the world" will never materialize.


Freedom is the fundamental value of humanity. I acted as a man and free artist contains the world status, difficulties and (or) suffering that live or will live my contemporaries. My priority is human, I am for an art effective and useful to Humans, because if the majority of mankind is not interested in the art, it is art is deaf and blind to the realities of the world." Klaus Guingand



« The function of the artist » 


"The artist is at the service of his time and of the population. It is the spokesperson of the victims of his time. The artist is therefore at the service of freedom and truth. He must fight for the greatest number, for the weak, for those who do not have power. The artist must speak for the greatest number and gather people."


"Faced his century, the artist can not turn away from or get lost."  Albert Camus (1913/1960) - Nobel Prize for Literature (1957).


This artwork production (2012 2015) lasted 27 months including 17 months during which Klaus Guingand to search an artist in every country of the world.

This artwork was produced voluntarily without sponsors, sponsorship or support because freedom cannot be sold or recovered.

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