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Klaus Guingand Global artwork "Art warning the World" 2012 / 2019

January, 2019


"Quand le mot Liberté disparaîtra des dictionnaires, il sera trop tard pour réagir."
copyright Klaus Guingand 

Klaus Guingand artwork "Art warning the World"  Since 2012

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June, solo show with video "Art warning the World" in  Antwerp - Belgium

March, 2017


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Februaryr, 2017


Klaus Guingand interview on" Art warning the world" 


Klaus Guingand's global artwork "Art warning the World" the first and unique global artwork of the art history.Three years of production,Guingand's warning translated into 136 national languages and inscribed on the 202 flags of the 200 countries of the world by 202 visual artists all living in their country more 202 videos, 202 photos.
More than 11,3 million people have seen the video.
265 press articles in 40 countries.

September, 2016


New press article "Art warning the World" - September 19, 2016
New Zealand.- Addicted Mag 

On the New Zealand Street artist Component.
Component represents New Zealand for Art warning the World

September, 2016


Klaus Guingand Warning the World.
One minute video "Art warning the World" for Freedom.
The first global artwork of the history of art,created by visual artist Klaus Guingand

.It took three years to reunite the World. Every artist lives in his country.

11 223 278 people saw thé vidéo on Vimeo.


August, 2016


Artist Ian George died on February, 2016, he defended the freedom for Cook Islands in the global artwork "Art warning the World" 


March, 2016


Artist Etu Ndow died on March 2014, he defended the freedom for Gambia in the global artwork "Art warning the World" 

New article

February 12, 2016


Art warning the world a un an 

Article de Klaus Guingand

New press

January 2016


Press,TV & Radio, Interviews | 2016

About,Art warning the world

November 14, 2015


Art warning the world

France | Klaus Guingand

New press

September / October 2015



Article de FrédéricTaddeï sur Art warning the World et Klaus Guingand,l'art global...

News radio (video)

June 11, 2015


Art warning the world

Klaus Guingand interview for French radio Europe1 Social Club, Fréderic Taddéi / June 11,2015


News press

February12, 2015 / January 2016


Press thirty seven countries speaks about  

Art warning the world


Afghanistan,Buthan,Brazil,Cameroon,China, CzechRepublic,Egypt,France,Germany,Iraq,Italy,Jordan,Kosovo,Lesotho,Liberia,Libya,Malawi,Malta,Montenegro,Morocco,Nepal, Netherland,New Zealand, Panama, Russia,Saudi Arabia,Saint Vincent & the Grenadines,Span,South Africa, Tanzania,Uganda,United Kingdom, United States, Yemen and Zambia

News video

February12, 2015 / January 2016


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